YouTube’s New Home Page (Sneak Preview)

Dec 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Internet TV

YouTube has announced a new version of its home page – making it cleaner and more attractive, but also showing less information, which may make the update less appealing to power users.

New Youtube Home Page

The new layout features a “river of news” reverse chronogical view of new videos in the main column and promoted content in the right column.

You can view the new home page here.

YouTube says that it’s trying out several changes:

  • Combined list – Merges your subscriptions, friend activity, and recommendations into one easier-to-scan list (and a “Subscription uploads” tab if you only want to see subscriptions)
  • Don’t miss a video – If a channel uploads 4 videos in a day, you’ll see all 4 – instead of just the latest video
  • Delete anything – Hover over any video you don’t want to watch and click ‘x’
  • Or just grey it out – Videos you’ve already watched will be grayed out – so even without deleting, you’ll know where you left off
  • Help me re-find stuff I just watched – Your homepage will include your recent likes and favorites so you can easily get back to them
  • Easy inbox – Links to your inbox (personal messages & comments) are front and center
  • Load much more – Watch older videos – all without leaving the homepage
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  1. Rickard says:

    This is just so a so big step in the wrong way. It gives me NO overview and I cant even edit anything. Seriously?

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