Free Internet Video Production Tutorials From Vimeo

Dec 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Vimeo has introduced a new section on their site, designed to help you make better Internet video, Vimeo Video School:

We realized that one of the best ways we could nurture the incredible range of creativity on the site would be to build a system that easily allows members of all skill levels to learn more about making videos and expand their knowledge base. We’re covering everyone, from people picking up a video camera for the first time, to seasoned pros that need info on the newest technology.

Vimeo has three internet video production tutorial series:

  • Video 101 -“We hope these 101 videos will answer a lot of first time questions and demystify the process of making videos. They’re fun, so check them out and share them with your friends.”
  • DSLR Basics with Philip Bloom – Philip Bloom and Andrea Allen have created a helpful series on DSLR basics.
  • Vimeo Lessons – tutorial posts that incorporate instructional videos Vimeo members have created.

Vimeo Video School now offers over 1,000 tutorials, so this is a great resource if you are looking for information creating online video.  An example is embedded above.

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  1. Coolson says:

    Vimeo just one-upped YouTube. Your move, Google.

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