Using Podcasting & New Media For Music Promotion

Jan 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting

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eMusician magazine takes a look at DIY options for music promotion in their latest issue, and recommends using podcasts and new media:

New media includes blogs, podcasts, vidcasts (video podcasts), and websites. These outlets vary in audience size, subject, and professionalism, especially because most are run by people who are passionate about the topics they cover.

New media is a great place to begin getting coverage for your music if you are just starting out because quotes from blogs can help you to establish credibility for larger outlets, and eventually traditional media, which will do a search on you when they haven’t heard of you. Any new media coverage that you’ve had can help establish your history.

There are no set rules for working with new media—it’s best if you just start with an email, not a press release. Another advantage is because new media is web-based; they often link directly to your website giving you new visitors and a way to track the effectiveness of the coverage.

An obvious option musicians that’s underutilized by musicians is to take care of music podcasters that play the genre of music that your band plays:

  • Get them CDs or digital audio files to play;
  • Provide them with a written authorization to use your music in their podcast; and
  • Ask them if they’d like your band’s CDs, t-shirts or other merch to use as giveaways to podcast listeners.

Got other suggestions on how musicians can work with podcasters? Leave a comment!

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  1. I also recommend using Mevio’s Music Alley ( A lot of podcasters get their music from there.

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