Apple’s GarageBand For iPad – A $5 Mobile Digital Audio Workstation

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GarageBand for the iPad

Apple today introduced GarageBand for the iPad – a version of the company’s entry-level digital audio workstation, optimized for multi-touch mobile music making.

GarageBand for the iPad could be a great new option for mobile audio podcasting – turning your tablet into a mobile recording studio for $5.


  • Musical instruments designed for Multi-Touch.
  • 70 synth presets
  • Arpeggiator
  • “Smart instrument” features
  • 8-track recording
  • Guitar amp simulator
  • Stomp box effects
  • Track sharing via email or iTunes
  • Tracks can be opened in GarageBand on the Mac

The iPad version of GarageBand will be available starting March 11th.

GarageBand for the iPad will work with the existing iPad – but it will be interesting to see how performance fares.

What do you think of Apple’s iPad GarageBand announcement?

More coverage at TechCrunch, AppleInsider

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7 Responses to “Apple’s GarageBand For iPad – A $5 Mobile Digital Audio Workstation”

  1. Georg says:

    How would I use the “8-track recording”? Will there be an add on for the doc connector, that will let me plug in microphones?

  2. Tapeleg says:

    Until there is a good way to get audio in and out of the iPad, it’s going to be an enigma. I would be more excited if I could hook up a couple of real mics to it.

    • Terry says:

      Just plug in a USB mic via the camera connection kit. Not too complicated.

      • Tapeleg says:

        True, but what I’m looking for is more than one mic at a time. What it the point of having 8 track recording if only one input is all the iPad can manage?

        • Mickii says:

          I thought the old (wired) singstar mics worked with the iPad? That should give you at least two… 🙂

  3. Tony says:

    Does anyone know? Is there a way to take Pamela recorded calls from Skype and get them into an iPAD?

  4. bob goyetche says:

    I installed this about 10 mins ago, and I must say I’m really impressed.

    Just as a live instrument toolkit, the guitar effects and keyboard sounds are very very cool – A midi keyboard into the USB adaptor is a whole lot of fun.

    Haven’t even tried recording yet, and it’s blown me away..

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