Wizzard Media Launches Web Based Premium Podcast Subscription Service

Mar 17th, 2011 | By | Category: Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Networks

Podcasting network Wizzard Media has announced the launch of a web-based “premium podcast” subscription service for publishers using the Libsyn platform. This service allows podcast publishers to sell individual podcast episodes, and create paid subscription packages for their premium content, delivering the content via the web, which the company calls “a natural extension” to the mobile App subscription products recently launched by Wizzard.

Content creators who have been testing out the new subscription service over the past two weeks have reported initial sales of premium content subscription packages via the web already rivaling those for mobile App subscription sales, according to Wizzard spokesmen. “We continue to build tools and services for our publishers so that they may reach their audiences and monetize their content no matter where or how the content is enjoyed,” said Chris Spencer, Wizzard Media CEO.

Wizzard Media partnered with online subscription expert MediaPass to offer this new service to its publishers. Integrating MediaPass extends podcasters’ smartphone-based monetization models to the web. The potential benefit to the subscription revenue model is that it builds on itself over time through renewals, unlike advertising-only models.

“While a lot of current podcast content will continue to be free for audiences, this new feature allows our publishers to boost revenues through customized subscription models, targeting the optimal mix of free and paid content,” says Laurie Sims, President, Wizzard Media. “Implementing this new service is as easy as AdSense and takes less than 15 minutes, delivering to our publishers the benefits of a sophisticated paywall without the immense startup costs.”

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