5 Tips For Recording Voiceovers

Mar 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting

blue yeti pro microphoneThe Pro Tools Expert blog has shared their take on 5 tips for recording great voiceovers that apply directly to podcasts.

They include:

  • Banish (computers) to a separate room or to a specially designed cupboard.
  • The room needs to be as dead as possible, especially at mid and high frequencies.
  • Don’t record in front of a table. The reflections off the table will colour the sound. Radio broadcasters use special ‘acoustic’ tables which are acoustically transparent.
  • Make sure the page turns in the script are placed so that the VO artist doesn’t have to turn the page in the middle of a line.
  • Make sure the VO artist has a glass of fresh still water to keep everything lubricated and sometimes an apple can help to reduce mouth clicks that won’t go away with a drink.

Most of these seem obvious, but you still hear plenty of podcasts that could benefit from them.

See the site for the full article.

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  1. ERP says:

    Thanks James, I had no idea how to do the voice over stuff. Great tips.

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