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Nine Inch Nails Reinvents The Concert Video

Jun 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video

New media and cheap technology is making it easy for anyone to podcast, video podcast and create all types of media for the Web. It’s a mistake, though, to think that this revolution is limited to low-budget indies. Check out this concert video for Nine Inch Nails‘ performance of Survivalism, live in Atlanta, GA, May […]

New Canon EOS 5D MKII Camera Brings State-Of-The-Art Digital Video To The Mainstream

Sep 25th, 2008 | By | Category: Digital Video Recorder

Vincent Laforet filmed this short video that demonstrates the image quality of the Canon EOS 5D MKII.  The footage is amazing enough – but the fact that it was shot with a consumer DLSR is even more amazing. The camera can shoot about 8 minutes straight of higher than HD video.  The camera is expected to […]