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SanDisk CEO: The iPod Wars Are Over

Jun 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players

The iPod Wars are over, and if anybody should know, it’s SanDisk CEO Eli Harari. The founder and CEO of SanDisk admits what just about everyone else has known for a long time: the iPod wars are over, and Apple won. “You can’t out-iPod the iPod,” says Harari. Harari’s facing the facts. In April, Piper […]

Gizmodo: The Zune HD Is Tight And Beautiful!

May 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players

We may have been unimpressed by the Zune HD, calling it “two years behind Apple’s iPhone/iPod touch platform” – but Gizmodo says that they would take one in a heartbeat: The device is tighter and more physically beautiful than the iPod Touch and it’s got a better UI, the main menu’s scrolling so natural through […]

Zune Death Watch: Microsoft Zune Revenues Plummet

Jan 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Story, iPods & Portable Media Players, Podcasting

Microsoft has revealed in a Security and Exchange Commission filing that the company’s Zune revenue in the 4th quarter of 2008 was less than half of what it was the previous year.

Is it time to start a Zune deathwatch?

Microsoft Announces Zune Updates, Free Wireless At McDonalds

Sep 16th, 2008 | By | Category: General

Microsoft today released a free software update that will bring new features to all Zune portable media players. The new software will allow Zune users to: wirelessly stream and download music from the Zune Marketplace store on the go; tag and purchase songs directly from the built-in FM radio; and tap into new, personalized music recommendations […]

Zune Launches ‘Insider’ Podcast, Sponsors New Media Expo

Aug 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Story, iPods & Portable Media Players, Podcasting, Podcasting Events

Rob Greenlee, Microsoft Zune Podcast Programming Lead, has introduced a new Zune podcast, Zune Insider. It’s an audio and video podcast, co-hosted by Greenlee and Zune blogger Cesar Menendez.

Creative Intros The Zen Mozaic Media Player

Jul 24th, 2008 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Creative Technology today introduced the Creative ZEN Mozaic portable media player, a small multimedia player with built-in speaker, FM radio & built-in microphone. Features: Built-in speaker turns player into a mini boombox so that music can be shared out loud 1.8-inch TFT LCD color display Built-in FM radio with up to 32 preset stations Built-in […]