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Wired: Zune’s Recommendations Make Apple’s “Genius” Look Average

Sep 12th, 2008 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Apple’s iTunes 8 introduced a new feature, Genius, designed to help you find new music. I was unimpressed with Genius – it’s not much more than a recommendation engine, designed to get you to buy more music. In other words, it’s a lot like the recommendation system Amazon has been offering online for a decade.  Wired […]

iTunes 8 Adds Podcast Features

Sep 11th, 2008 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players, Podcasting Software

The new features in iTunes 8 haven’t impressed me. Genius is mainly a way for Apple to sell you more music, and the new views in iTunes are very slow, compared to the older list views.  Something that is very useful in iTunes 8, though, is its support for individual podcast settings: This is a […]

Apple “Let’s Rock” Event Delivers No Surprises

Sep 9th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, iPhone, iPods & Portable Media Players

Apple’s Let’s Rock event today offered anticipated updates to the iTunes and Apple’s iPod lines, but failed to do two things that many were hoping for: eliminate concerns over Steve Jobs’ health and offer “one more thing” – an unexpected introduction with some “wow”.  Jobs noted wryly that “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” […]