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Zune HD: Three Strikes And You’re Out, Microsoft

May 27th, 2009 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Microsoft has confirmed details on the upcoming Zune HD portable media player and, based on their announcement, it’s time to put away the Zune player under the “three strikes you’re out” rule. Here are the highlights of the new Zune HD: Zune HD comes with a built-in HD Radio receiver. Users also will have access […]

XBox 360 Movie Rentals Not Ready For Prime Time?

Jul 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Digital Movie Store, General, Internet TV, Video

MG Siegler at Parislemon has an interesting take on the current state of movie rentals on the�XBox 360, suggesting that it’s not ready for prime time: Last night I sat down to download The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I figured it would take 5-10 minutes to get enough information to start playing and then […]